The Best Ad From The 2022 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is like Christmas morning for advertising professionals. Teams spend months on end and tens of millions of dollars to create a short TV commercial that they hope will be a success.

But what exactly makes a successful TV ad anyway? Advertising goals fit a range of options, from brand awareness to showcasing a product’s features and benefits to acquiring new customers.

Not all advertising goals are the same, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, most everyone is striving for a single thing- being the most memorable commercial of the year.

So which company took home the best advertisement award for the 2022 Super Bowl? It hands down has to be Coinbase.

The Coinbase commercial was by far THE best ad of this year’s Super Bowl- and maybe the best ad of the last 5 years. For the record, we’re not just saying that because we are a bunch of crypto-owning millennials.

This commercial was great for a multitude of reasons.

The first being that this ad most likely had the highest call to action success of any ad in TV history. Second, the way the ad was presented was incredibly memorable. The moment that bouncing, colorful QR code hit the screen, it instantly brought back a nostalgia that most everyone can relate to. But because there was no information other than the QR code, almost everyone with a cell phone instantly pulled it out and began scanning the code.

As a matter of fact, so many people visited the Coinbase website from that ad, that the website temporarily crashed.

There’s more happening on a subconscious level though that aids in the effectiveness of this ad. Not only was it memorable, but because it was so similar to something nostalgic, Coinbase was able to position their brand alongside something people are generally comfortable with. (For the 3 of you who don’t know, Coinbase offers a service to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies). Crypto is only starting to become “mainstream” but by associating their brand with a familiarity from yesteryear, they are subconsciously able to create a level of comfortability you may not otherwise correlate their service to.

But that is just our opinion. What do you think? Was Coinbase your top pick for the 2022 Super Bowl? Or do you think we missed the mark completely?

Let us know down below!

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Tier3 Agency is a premier web development and marketing firm located in Seattle and Austin

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Tier3 Agency

Tier3 Agency

Tier3 Agency is a premier web development and marketing firm located in Seattle and Austin

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